LinuxTechs Consulting makes technological alterations for its customers fast, secure, extensive and economically feasible. With this vision in mind, LinuxTechs has quickly become one of the top service organizations in its field. As a consultant for the integration of complex software solutions. Our focus is on extensive service globally, with UNIX/LINUX platforms and enterprise integration services. The core of our success lies in our vision for leadership, best service and customer satisfaction.

Since 2007, we have supported our clients with high quality inventive services. Our utilization of modern information technology allows for the increased success for our customers. Furthermore, we provide consulting, training, automation, custom application building and support for the entire system environments throughout Canada and worldwide.

We develop custom solutions for our clients using our Linux knowledge and our experience in projects with various organizations. We have been selected as the preferred consulting partner by our clients due to our professional and creative solutions, our reliability and an excellent price.